Alexa, play Africa by TOTO

Hi! The past two weeks, I’ve been in Morocco!! I’ve been to Casablanca, Rabat, Boujioud, Safi, Essaouria, and Marrakesh. While it was a great time and all, there were some occasions in which I was ready to go home and be in bed. Prior to leaving for Morocco, we were told how we should dressContinue reading “Alexa, play Africa by TOTO”

Patience is a virtue

Attending Hamilton College, I was used to ~bad~ weather. I also knew that Amsterdam wasn’t going to be pretty and sunny 24/7, but I didn’t expect it to be so cloudy, gloomy, and rain basically all day everyday. It’s gotten to the point where the true Amsterdammers are complaining about the weather! Regardless of theContinue reading “Patience is a virtue”

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