Den Bosch

Hello! We’re not in Amsterdam anymore!

As part of our experience in the Netherlands, we got to chose a city that we wanted to explore with a partner. My partner and I chose a small little city called Den Bosch or ‘s-Hertogenbosch. It’s about an hour train ride from central Amsterdam. On the way there, we saw a lot of plains and farm life. We automatically assumed that this is what the city will look like and got a little discouraged about our trip. Man, we were wrong! As soon as we step foot off the train, it was filled with locals who were very patriotic about their city. Almost everyone was wearing the city’s colors and attire. We even saw cute little dogs in their colors!

The city’s infrastructure was very similar to Amsterdam. All the buildings were unique in design and the architect definitely put a lot of thought into the details of each building. My partner, Emma and I, were ravenous and we found a little brunch spot and in this city, almost everyone speaks Dutch and very limited English. This was going to be interesting. The menus were all in Dutch and even with our Dutch lessons, we weren’t fluent! With the help of google translate, we were able to order our meal in Dutch. Again! We were so proud of ourselves. We both ordered pancakes and upon arrival, we thought it wasn’t going to be enough. I can’t count how many times we wrongfully assumed things on this trip. This pancake was perfect. The perfect fluffiness inside, the perfect crisp outside, the perfect amount of blueberries, and the perfect serving. We were stuffed from one pancake.

We walked around and we had to have arrived on a special occasion. There had to be a reason why everyone was so patriotic! We found a little square with pop-up shops and they sold everything you could imagine and even things you thought you didn’t know you needed. Emma and I held each other back from spending an abundance of money. We ended up going to a local restaurant and started talking to our waiter. He informed us that the city was getting ready for festival and in preparation for that festival, everyone and I mean EVERYONE dresses up and drinks beer. Keep in mind that this festival isn’t occurring for a few days. Insane, but so respectable. Overall, we learned that no matter what is happening, the locals are able to gather together in this one area and celebrate together regardless of being friends or not.

Come back next week to see my trip to Belgium!

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